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Mixing 7/8 against 5/16. Yeah the new stuff is gonna be interesting!!! ...

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Show me a god that doesn't like poutine!!!!

~Pete's Keyboard Solo

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Progressive Super Metal Spirit!! ...

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Imminent Sonic Destruction updated their cover photo. ...

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Imminent Sonic Destruction updated their profile picture. ...

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Tonight, we celebrate 10 years as a band on stage at The Loving Touch with our friends Iron Belly and Lux Terminus!

We're playing music from our very early days. We're playing BRAND NEW music. Even a fun, inspirational cover song.

Our friend Rachel May will join us on stage to help us perform some songs.

Tony Piccoli is releasing his stupid new ambient album

Imminent Sonic Destruction fans can sign up for our brand new fan club "The Illuminati" tonight!

Oh, and Bryan recreated the futuristic listening device helmet, to be auctioned off, to help us raise a couple extra bucks for recording our next album!

As you can see, a lot of fun, special stuff tonight. We hope to see a lot of you. ❤️

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Whoa! Check this out!

Pat Deleon (DeLeon Drummer) takes you through "The Knife" from our most recent album "Triumphia."

From Pat:
"I’m excited to present my first Imminent Sonic Destruction drum play through video. We chose this song because it features some interesting time changes as well as some cool grooves. I want to thank my good friend Pat Griffin for putting this together for us. I hope you all enjoy it and feel free to send comments our way!"

Don't forget to catch us Saturday, December 2nd at The Loving Touch as we celebrate our 10 year history with songs from our entire catalog. Doors open at 7pm.

EVENT INFO: Imminent Sonic Destruction in 3-D!*

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Reality Squared Services

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Only a few days away! Come celebrate our 10 year anniversary, and help us raise a few bucks to go towards the recording of our next album!

We're celebrating our entire catalog, including new music, a surprise cover, and music from our mellotrön_ days!

We hope you'll join us along with our friends Lux Terminus and Iron Belly

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2nd -- 7PM, at The Loving Touch

EVENT PAGE: Imminent Sonic Destruction in 3-D!*

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Hey everyone, Tony here. For those who may be interested, I am putting out my first attempt at an ambient album. I've made these type of songs before, but this is my first attempt at a collection of ambient songs.

If you're into that kind of thing, or just want to show a little support, I'd greatly appreciate it! The album comes out 12/2/2017 at our next show. You can pre-order your copy my new album "Ambient 1: Stories" for only $5. All the money I make from this album will go to cover recording costs of the next Imminent Sonic Destruction album.


Thank you!


FOR A SOMEWHAT IMMEDIATE RELEASE; Tony Piccoli (that's me!) announces the release date of the very, very highly anticipated ambient debut "AMBIENT 1: Stories." Ambient 1: Stories will be released on December 2nd, 2017 on both physical and digital platforms via FC Records. I am of course known for my sweater vest and other musical related activities in the band Imminent Sonic Destruction. I completed the work for Ambient 1: Stories earlier in 2017 and am now finally ready to share it with the world, which has barely been able to contain itself. To get people excited for the album (though, I know you're already excited), I am sharing the song "OUT" from the album via YouTube. To Pre-Order your copy of Ambient 1: Stories for a mere $5, follow the Bandcamp link, and place your order. The whole entire point of this album is to offer something musically different from my norm, and to help me raise some money to upgrade my gear, afford studio time for ISD's next album, and potentially some more solo work. The album will also be available for sale at Imminent Sonic Destruction's next show on 12/2 at The Loving Touch. Thank you for your time and support!

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