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It was exactly one year ago today that we released Triumphia via Luxor Records! Currently we are hard at work creating our next album, but let's take a moment to remember Triumphia. What was your favorite song from the album? Favorite chorus? Favorite Instrumental section?

Still haven't picked up your copy yet? No worries, you can do that here:

In the past year we toured with Circus Maximus and Edensong, while also sharing the stage with the likes of #Tiles Leprous, Pain of Salvation, Fates Warning and Next To None. It's been a fun and productive year!

Thanks for the love, and keep spreading the word! #Triumphia #ProgressiveSuperMetal #ProgMetal #DetroitProg

Artwork by Seempieces The Art of Travis Smith

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Things are heating up in the "furnace"!!!! It's ready to start playing the new set up. We shall see how she performs and maybe I'll even record some video as well. Exciting times indeed! ...

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Interesting beginnings. Let's see where it takes him. New material to write and a show to prep for in early December!!! Pat says the drums will be ready! ...

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Progressive super rhythm section getting their beach on!!!! ...

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She has a name. Blast Furnace. Whatcha think? ...

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