Hey everyone, Tony here!

We here at the I.S.D. compound are working on our next album, and to help us fund the recording and production of the album, we’re doing to things; 1.) Starting a fan club, and 2.) Inaugural fan club show.

More information about the fan club will come, but the basic gist is that fans pay a certain amount for the year and we’ll give you a quarterly magazine with all kinds of information, exclusive audio and video content, and one, very special, super exclusive fan club only physical media release. To go along with the fan club, we’re going to do a yearly fan club show, in which we dig out some of the older tunes from our past, perhaps some of the lesser played songs in our catalog, or some neat cover songs that have inspired us through our own musical maturation. Our inaugural Fan Club show will take place in our home town of Detroit, Michigan at THE LOVING TOUCH, in Ferndale.

TICKETS for the show are available in advance for $12 on Ticket Web; HERE. Tickets will be $15 on the day of the show.

Joining us for this amazing evening of music will be IRON BELLY, and LUX TERMINUS.

Check out Iron Belly’s video for their song “.50 Cal” by clicking HERE; visit their website HERE

Check out Lux Terminus on their Facebook Page! Check out this short sample on their YouTube page of what you’ll be hearing!

Sample of The I.S.D. Fan Club newsletter….be ready to join “The Illuminati” 😉